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Bob Lynch has found success in personal education, world travel, and excelled in the world of finance on Wall Street. On November 3rd, he wants to bring that success to the citizens of Florida House District 116. Bob is a proud, hard-working Miamian seeking to represent the people and protect what matters the most to them. While Health Care, the Economy, and the Environment top the list of his priorities, Bob knows that there is a lot more work to be done in these uncertain times.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Bob’s travels began at an early age, as his late father worked in finance, leading him all over the U.S. and into Europe, and finally landing back in Miami, in the good ole’ USA. As a youth, He was a standout athlete, and at 6’5”, he towered over most others his age. Bob was a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball court, as he set a Connecticut state record for most blocks in a season as the captain of the team. In addition to volleyball, Bob was also recognized for his talents on the football field and basketball court. After graduating from NYC with degrees in history and politics, he headed to Wall Street and tackled the world of finance in the 2000s and during the economic crisis. In the 2010s, Bob traveled throughout Europe and lived there for a few years before making his way back home to the US. After living in Spain and Mexico and becoming fluent in Spanish, he felt that Miami was the right place to call home, and he has since established himself as a citizen who wants to help the community improve and balance its growth.

Bob’s passion as a philanthropist has led him to focus on foundations that work on curing pancreatic cancer, to honor his late father, as well as groups who combat breast cancer, to honor his mother, who is a survivor. Bob’s desire to help others led him to work on placing candidates in critical races across the state during the 2020 election cycle. While Bob originally had no intent to run, he could not stand idly by while an incumbent remained unchallenged. “We couldn’t leave this seat unopposed, and just hand it to the GOP without a fight”.

On Election Day, this November 3rd, Bob is facing off with the Republican incumbent Daniel Perez, who was rated with a “D+” voting record in Tallahassee. As your Democratic candidate, Bob hopes to gain your support to defeat the GOP who have not only endangered the lives of many Floridians but also cost us the lives of over 15k in our state.

Florida and the citizens of District 116 deserve representation that is accountable and works and cares for the people of Florida. Vote for Bob Lynch this November 3rd, and help us protect our democracy, and build a better future for Florida together! Juntos!






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