Linda Tripp is your best choice for Florida state representative. She promotes inclusive progress in social issues, balance between environmental and growth challenges, and responsive solutions to economic disparities.

A mother, educator, and social worker. I understand the needs of the people of Florida and I will fight to protect our people.

Linda grew up in Miami but relocated to LaBelle (Hendry County) in 1980 with her husband and two children. She was involved in public education her entire work life, teaching both elementary and middle school students, working with struggling students as well as those in gifted programs. In the second half of her career, she worked for the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System, serving the families of students with disabilities in Hendry, Highlands, Glades, and Desoto Counties. Linda then advocated for students with disabilities as a Staffing Specialist with Hendry County Schools. Currently, she resides near LaBelle, in Glades County and is looking to help bring balance back to the lives of all Floridians. Linda is the type leader we need, especially after this pandemic and lockdown.

Linda has been actively promoting voter registration, and the vote-by-mail option to help everyone participate in the democratic process. She has persistently advocated for people whose voices go unheard. She listens to how people perceive their world and their place in it. Linda supports the principles and candidates in the Democratic Party.

Linda will continue to participate in causes that secure a safe and bountiful future for generations to come. She hopes to engage in a life that respects and values every individual. She is confident that much can be accomplished by cooperation and goodwill.